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Usability Lab Rental- new site launch, new labs, new software!

November 06, 2006

Portable_usability_testing_lab_1 On World Usability Day (11.14.06) we launch the second version of Usability Lab, an Experience Dynamics company, providing usability testing software and usability lab solutions.

Two exciting new products to announce with the site launch! The new site launch will coincide with World Usability Day who's theme is "Making Life Easy".

1. New Usability Testing logging software- now available for a free 30 day download.  Does LiveLogger make your life easier (centralizes test logging notes and provides quick real-time reporting of user and task performance)? Tell us what you think!

2. Next generation digital portable usability labs now shipping. Perfect if you are looking for a corporate solution to your ramp up your internal usability efforts.

Future posts will provide more in-depth information to help you conduct better usability tests.

Happy Usability Testing!
Frank Spillers, MS (Usability Consultant)




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