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June 16, 2009

Announcing: Experience Capture Studio- new usability testing software (Beta)

ECS-Software-Package After 6 months of hard work, we are pleased to announce our latest version of usability testing software. Experience Capture Studio or "ECS" is officially available!

The software dramatically updates our previous LiveLogger product with integrated video viewing and logging notes (in one environment). This provides a more powerful solution allowing for observational logging to be contexted with captured video during a usability test.

This Beta release adds numerous improvements to the overall usability testing software solution: Video file sizes are dramatically smaller and export of video is very quick. The software can import up to 4 video feeds; ideal for mobile or consumer device usability testing. More enhancements aimed at making usability testing logging easier are planned for future releases.

Experience Dynamics & Usability Lab Rental partnered with New Zealand based Intranel to develop the software, utilizing their extensive ethnographic software package experience. 

New Features:

1) Live note taking: Take notes and flag "events" (usability metrics such as error rates) as markers in the live video stream.
2) Playback a session and find or edit flagged events. Metrics such as success rate can be altered in real-time if accidentally recorded or if the user gets it seconds after hitting the fail button.
3) Quick video exporting: Find incidents (observed metrics such as a user getting confused by navigation) and export an instant highlight clip.
4) Instant Reporting: Metrics from the observed test are logged as graphs and exportable tables. Common Excel or JPEG and WMP video formats are supported.

Learn more about key features in Experience Capture Studio

Usability Labs Whatever your Scenario

With the release of ECS, our labs are now suitable for specific usability testing scenarios such as mobile device (iPhone, tablet, BlackBerry, Nokia etc) or medical or healthcare devices (glucose monitoring; patient record-keeping) as well as Web/Software based usability testing.

Explore your usability testing scenario or get in touch and we can talk about how we can help you with your desired usability lab. 

Happy Usability Testing!
Frank Spillers, MS (Usability Consultant)